Experience God at 643 E. Washington


No matter where you are or what season of life you are in, you are welcome here. 

We are a diverse group of Christ followers, traditional and progressive. We come from West Chicago and the surrounding communities of Winfield, Warrenville and even further away. Our congregation is both ethnically and ability varied. There is an openness and freedom to explore faith in worship, fellowship and study groups.  Our theological leanings are through the Wesleyan model. Together we strive to do no harm, to do all the good we can and to stay in love with God. 

Come walk with us. We can help you explore and develop your faith in God and God's holy church. This is a home where you will be loved.

Rev. Avani Christian        

Church in the Community


As a church, we are committed to environmental sustainability, to sheltering the homeless population, outreach to children and to being the church into our third century of ministry.  

We take our church into the community of West Chicago at Bloomingfest, Railroad Days Parade and a post Halloween Walk Fun Fair. We invite the community in for recycling shoes and Christmas lights, playing with Christmas Cottage building and Egg hunts. We host a pumpkin smash, a summer rummage sale and breakfast with Santa & the Easter Bunny.

We worship in a large room designed for our future narthex. With a few changes it becomes a sanctuary, a dining room, a sleeping room, a game room, a movie theater, a lecture hall or a variety show stage. It’s a small house with a big ministry! You are welcome to watch us or join us as we live out our discipleship every day of the week.

PO Box 915/643 E Washington St

West Chicago, IL - 60185

(630) 231-3344


Service: Sunday Worship at 10 AM

Our style of worship is a blend of contemporary and traditional. We've kept the choir, but we sing from the monitor instead of books. We share our blessings, our prayers and our testimonies in family style sharing - anyone can talk. Everyone, of every age, heritage and religious liberty engages in the worship experience as able. Do you need a comfortable chair? We have one for you.  Coffee? Got you covered. Kids? Let them come up for a life lesson with the pastor and then we have a ministry for them in the education wing. The youth create their own hang out space after worship. The rest of us mingle before and after worship.  You won't be anonymous here. We're God's family and God knows every one of us! 

Chancel Choir

Sing unto the lord a new song

We love to sing and to perform anthems that inspire.  Our award-winning Choir Director leads the Chancel Choir in practices Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Please check out our song play list by clicking on our picture. Also videos of recent performances can be found on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

It’s Something Every Week

Holy Communion is shared on the first and third Sundays. We serve an open table. Anyone believing that Jesus exists and/or desire to know Christ Jesus, may come forward with the other worshippers to receive bread and immerse the bread in the juice. For us Christ is present as we share the bread and juice together. It’s meaning is personal, but the experience makes us one.

Sharing of our Blessings is what we call our second Sunday time of announcing birthdays, anniversaries, and special events in our personal lives. We also contribute to the missional gift for a Compassion International child, 15 year old Kiara who lives in Peru. To participate in this ten minute time of praise please come to the front of the worship space and stand with the others.

On the fourth Sunday we take a mission collection daubed “noisy cans.” The young children travel through the congregation with metal cans collecting loose change. The offering is dedicated by the exuberant children and later designated for a need in our community.


United Methodist Men

to help men grow in Christ, so others may know Christ

The men of the church community gather on the third Saturday of each month for breakfast and fellowship. They sponsor a dinner in October and are leaders in putting our Railroad Days float together. They have a ministry of moving furniture when asked as picture above. Prayer and concern for each other keeps this group connected all year long.

2018 Woman of the Year - Gigi Hendricks.jpg

United Methodist and Congregational Women

Faith. Hope. Love in Action

Are you ready to do something for Christ? The women of the church community gather monthly on the first Saturday at 9:30 am to hear about and strategize for mission. Their projects are open to the entire congregation. During monthly meetings we network and listen to various reports. We have great conversation and a light breakfast as we support everyone’s life journey. 

Vacation Bible School 2017 blessed by a rainbow on the last day!

Vacation Bible School 2017 blessed by a rainbow on the last day!


Caring for the lambs

Feeding the souls of our young people are a full church commitment. We have special leaders who teach, but also many who provide food or mentor the children. All our ministries are Safe Sanctuary approved and nursery is provided.

Our award winning leadership Dave and Brian. Thanks for all you do!

Our award winning leadership Dave and Brian. Thanks for all you do!

Public Action to Deliver Shelter

Safe Haven for the homeless

Our Church is a PADS shelter for the homeless on Thursday evenings, October through May. Volunteers from our church and throughout the community provide people with a warm dinner, a safe place to sleep, breakfast and bag lunch.

We can always use a few more volunteers, but you have to be 18 years old or come with an adult. CLICK on our name to find out more.


About Green Disciples

Our goal is to Educate and Encourage People to Engage in Being Good Stewards of God’s Creation and Resources used in Worship and Daily Living. 

Learn about Creation Care

What are the green efforts in this church? 

  • Battery Recycling: Bring used batteries to church for recycling.  Battery Recycling Box provided at the West Entrance to the Worship Center.

  • Nature Garden & Butterfly Garden: We maintain our gardens and present information on them frequently in the summer.

  • Church recycling:  We recycle all cardboard, glass, and recyclable plastics (labeled #1 thru #5).  There are containers in the kitchen, administrative office and other locations as needed.  We also use paper cups rather than Styrofoam because they are easier to recycle. We will take your Styrofoam to Dart for you.

  • Publicity: We publish environmental awareness tips and articles in our Church Joyful Noise and hold two creation cares services every year.

Meetings and how can you contact us?

Meetings: Held monthly from September through May at a coffee shop in West Chicago. Click on our name to find out more.

The Station (Youth Group)

Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.(1 Timothy 4:12)

The Station youth room is a place where teenagers go on a spiritual journey with their peers. At their weekly Sunday 6 - 8 pm meetings they share a meal, fun activities, stories and a Biblical message. They find this to be a safe place and a source of help when in need. When we are filled with the good things God has for us, when we know and feel His love for us, we can share God’s love with others.