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2018-2019 calendar year has begun! This is a big undertaking. We can not do this with out our partner churches and community volunteers. Thank you so much for committing to another year with us.

New Volunteers are welcome at anytime. Text Brian at 630-333-0640 with your shift preferences.

Are you or someone you know able to volunteer? Please contact Brian Hendricks at or 630-333-0640.

Are you or someone you know able to volunteer? Please contact Brian Hendricks at or 630-333-0640.

We love our volunteers! 

  • Thursday dinner shift is from 6:30 to 9 PM. During this shift we serve an evening meal, pass out bedding and offer someone to talk to. Thank you for your kindness!

  • Thursday evening shift is from 9 PM to 1 AM. During this shift we welcome any late arriving guests, make sack lunches, and wash guest laundry. Thanks for tucking us in!

  • Friday morning owl shift is 1 to 5 AM. During this shift we monitor the safety of our guests and wash & fold any remaining guest laundry. Thanks for watching over us!

  • Friday breakfast shift is from 5 to 7:30 AM. During this shift we prepare and serve breakfast, wash the pads and clean up the church. Thanks for caring!

  • Each week we need to have bedding & towels washed. Volunteers pick up 3 -4 bags in the East vestibule during the week and bring them back cleaned and folded before Thursday evening. Thanks for thinking about us during the week!

“I’ve never worked a shift or donated without a big thanks from the clients and staff at this PADS site. It’s one of the best places to contribute my time, because I know I’ve made a difference.” - from a regular volunteer

PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)

Our Church has a 30 year history of being a shelter for the homeless. Currently we are the Thursday site October through May. Volunteers from our church and throughout the community provide people with warm meal, a safe place to sleep, breakfast and bag lunch.

 What is our mission?  To partner with DuPage PADS in support those in need of temporary shelter. There are many, many people in our own area who do not have a home or enough money for healthy meals for themselves or their families. We have 35 - 60 guests every week, which is about half of the need in the county.

 The First United Methodist Church of West Chicago is part of a network of churches who deliver shelter every day all year long.

How do we do it? On Wednesday night, after choir rehearsal, we change our worship and choir room into sleeping and eating space. Thursday the food coordinators come in with groceries. About 6 pm that evening the cooks and servers arrive with other shift people to set up the bedding and dinner. After eating our guest may shower, watch a movie or do whatever they need to do to be ready for their next day. When the 9 pm shift arrives there may be some clean up to do and the 12 baskets of guest laundry and towels are washed. Lights out at 11 pm, but our shift volunteers stay awake. At 1 pm we have our star two person team checking and protecting our guests. By 5 am we see our last volunteers arrive to clean up the bedding and make the breakfast. Guests are gone by 7 am and volunteers by 7:30 am.

How can you help? We always need more volunteers on Thursday nights and Friday mornings. Or you can donate food or cold weather items. During the week we need two persons to wash bed sheets and towels. Over the summer we wash the comforters.

Donating your resources for PADS

  • We welcome monetary donations to help buy supplies, i.e. laundry detergent, shower supplies, hats and mittens.

  • Each week we provide an evening meal, breakfast, and sack lunches (sandwiches, canned pop, chips, and cookies). You can help with whole meals or any part. FUMC provides the 3rd week food. Contact Lisa Marie Vogt to contribute.

  • Volunteers help one or two times a month. Do you have a few hours to help the most vulnerable in our area?