Worship Buzz - 10/13/2017

A docile camel from Illinois had such bad breath that the owner solicited help. I was nearby passing out Lions' Candy mints and collecting funds for vision and hearing aids last Sunday. The owner, Mary, chatted with us for a while and then asked to try our candy on her animals. The mints worked!  And I was invited to meet the camel where I was nuzzled in gratitude. In worship we had looked at Jesus' saying that we filter out the ants, but eat the camel whole. I was more worried about the camel consuming me!  and aren't ants protein? 

Last Sunday was fun from beginning to end. Are you ready for another Sunday of the Lord's joy?  There's a few details you may want to prepare before you leave for worship Sunday morning.  Top on the list is our October collection of hats, mittens and gloves. This collection is for our needy clients at PADS. We want to finish this collection in three weeks.

Second, are you planning to be at the October 21 Oktoberfest   and/or   the November 4 Holiday Bazaar?   We sell tickets for both those meals at the church on Sunday. Come to worship knowing if Oct 21 and Nov 4 fit into your schedule.  We'd love to draw you and your family into our wonderful ministry of festival foods.

Thank you for the gift for Pastor Appreciation Sunday. The gift is a gift certificate for artwork!  What a surprise!  There is a lot of simple wisdom in this gift. Much like the oil on Jesus' feet, the gift of art is a sacred symbol of our relationship. We will take our time choosing the piece, and then you can see it at our next open house.  Thank you!

Church World Service/CROP has not reached their goal of ending global hunger.  Can you help?  We are walking this Sunday, Oct 15 in the CROP Walk because in many parts of the world they have to walk for everything.  CROP relief efforts are well published online. When you're looking up the info, go ahead and donate to my walk efforts at crophungerwalk.org/northwestdupageil .  We're happy to have you walk the three miles with us. We start at St. Andrew Lutheran at 1:30. Overflow parking is at our church on the west side. 

Our Church Band, Unity, is leading some of the songs on Sunday.  It's so much fun to praise God with our friends in Unity. They are doing one of their old favorites, "And All the People Said Amen," which I heard on the radio today. Also, we will have a song from the choir about being a welcoming church. Has that been your prayer?   We could use your hand in friendship at the door.  If there is a classier way to say "greeter" you can correct me, but I'll still ask for your help on the 5th Sundays.      

Wherever you are in your walk of faith, walk with us. We know the Way. We follow in Jesus' footsteps. And we have a lot of fun doing it. 

Pastor Nancy Rethford