Worship Buzz - 10/27/2017


Let Freedom Ring!

Brainstorming with a group of freethinkers can be dangerous, but I was ready for anything.  In theory we go from a traditional concept to something more real and personal to the group. I started with the birth of Jesus and the group landed on freedom.  

Hmm. Freedom.  Is this the underlying expectation for our Christmas?  Or is this the underlying longing for everyone today?  I’m not ready to write liturgy on this brainstorm, so I’m taking it to you.

First, a specific. Looking over our prayer concerns from this week I am moved to a longer time for cancer patients again. We enjoyed Erlaine’s lesson at puppet time last Sunday. She pointed to pink and said it was for breast cancer awareness month. Seeing pink everywhere in October calls us to action not only in prayer but in visits/cards to victims and families. It’s a good thing. Thanks, for helping us stay on track, Church! 

Now, an application. If we take each of our prayers, for friend, for disaster zones, for country, for church – and we apply the message of freedom - we ask, What freedom does God want for our people of concern?  What would happen if, after each intercessory prayer, we added quietly, “May they find freedom in you, God.” 

This is our seed thought: How will we find freedom in Christ Jesus?  I’ll follow up on this with you in a few weeks when I have new channels of communication opened up.

Right now we are starting a new Worship Series, titled “Live Simply.”  Because it is our annual stewardship series we’ll be hearing laity talks and general encouragement on finances. The overall theme is the practice of the Christian lifestyle. We have wonderful friends in the church who do this well. Let’s take advantage of these gifts and learn.

The newsletter is being published this weekend. Check out the article on composting. Consider taking this step towards a family commitment. Bring your old pumpkins to the church on November 4 for our pumpkin smash. Also plan to stay for lunch. The UMCW is hosting their Holiday lunch and bazaar one week from tomorrow!  Yahoo!

With Halloween on Tuesday – join me in prayer for everyone’s safety.  Like many we receive few trick or treaters. I’m ready for anything.  We’re also opening our home from 6 pm – 10 pm for youth and adults needing a place to be.  It’s a party to mock the devil, aka All Hallows Eve. Dress or not. There’ll be food, but you can share.  

From the fun we’ll turn to the sober reality of All Saints Day. We are always in grief, but we don’t let our grief paralyze. As Christians we are called to LIFE!  Jesus is our life.  Our November 5 celebration of the Saints will be even more joyous than our Halloween fun.  God is so good. We just have to party!

Blessing and Jo,

astor Nancy Rethford