Worship Buzz 11/24/2017


Amazing Grace and Righteous Joy! Happy Thanksgiving, Church! Our national holiday reminds us of how important the precious the gifts of God are to us.

Be happy and give thanks for the blessings of sisters and brothers in the faith.  The week started with a climactic end to our Live Simply Stewardship Campaign. Our pledges for 2018 have increased dramatically. We confirmed even higher numbers at our Church Conference Tuesday night. Praises and joy for whom we are becoming through your faith in the body of Christ!

Wednesday night we celebrated the holiday with a simple soup and bread meal together. Twenty-two of us held a friend-giving to spiritually connect to bread of life and found the company of each other very filling. Did you know that bread and stones were the same shape, color and texture in biblical times? When Jesus said, “I can make this stones sing praises,” was he talking about us?

Connecting on Thanksgiving has meant Facebook posts and texts messages for a number of years, but truly it’s the visits and phone calls which bring great joy. Praise God for the multiple ways we can connect today!

Today & Tomorrow: recovery and refocus.  What can we do to be ready for the Christmas season?    Can you give me an hour on Saturday to decorate our Worship Space?   Meet me at 9 am tomorrow for the set up.  Some will climb on ladders, some will decorate the Christmas Tree.  But there’s more…

We also need old casement windows with small panes of glass.  Do you know where I can find a few windows for our big prop this Christmas?

Sunday, we begin our ADVENT SEASON. Yes, this is a week early due to Christmas Eve landing on Advent 4.  Being liturgically accurate does not matter as much as being with each other and talking about the deeper things in our lives. So to simplify Christmas Eve – we’re starting on November 26 with our Advent Series – Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlem.

We’re collecting with noisy cans this Sunday in an OFFERING for Georges Cadet, who has worshiped with us. I have a few pictures from his mission in Haiti. You’ll meet his wife, assistant pastor and congregation at Eglise Des Freres de Bohoc.

Also Sunday, we will celebrate the BAPTISM of Beckett Lawrence, great-grandson of Bob and Joan Howard.   This is great

My joy this Thanksgiving is you.  Possibly, you will bring the next spirit filled idea into our church community and I am already grateful for your commitment to Christ. Amen! Amen!

with abundant joy,

Pastor Nancy Rethford