Worship Buzz 11/28/2017


If you heard some buzz about worship last Sunday, you might be wondering what’s going on? This Advent season we are exploring interactive worship.  During interactive worship it’s okay to move around, a beverage at your seat is okay.

Last week we tried the mini discussion version of an interactive message. Next week we will stay in our seats, but keep the casual feel of sharing our faith in a safe place.

A few people have shared with me that our Advent material, “Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam,” doesn’t meet their needs. While it is true that some Christians have little trouble focusing on the meaning of the season in the bustle of holiday activities, many struggle to find a moment of peace. Some listen to the daily news and struggle to believe that there will ever be peace on earth.

Jesus calls us to reach people where they are. He calls us to have compassion for those who haven’t yet figured it all out. Church is not for perfect people, it is for the hurt, broken and searching.

During our planning retreats, we have consistently identified families with small children as our chosen mission field. There are youth and young adults in our congregation. If we don’t talk about the struggle of being authentically Christian in this increasingly atheist society, who will?

Please come and discuss your thoughts and concerns with me! My door is always open for discussion. Specifically I’m available this Wednesday Morning at 10 am. After prayer in the chapel, my next agenda is fixing the wreaths and other decorations for the worship space. Please bring your open mind and a willingness to share your concerns and while we work, we can talk.


astor Nancy Rethford