Worship Buzz 12/1/2017



INTEGRATE – to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole.
In baking bread, integrate the yeast and let it sit in a warm environment for a time. In joining a new social group, integrating will take much longer than yeast. Integrating a new idea into an old social order does not need time as much as understanding. This Sunday at the end of worship we can integrate your voice with others as we are talk about what we can do with our facilities. 

Some guidelines for integration. Let others speak without interruption. Be careful not to kill seed thoughts before they have an opportunity to live for Christ.  Most of all let us listen for the Holy Spirit to move us into action.  

"God didn’t give us a spirit that is timid but one that is powerful, loving, and self-controlled."  2 Timothy 1:7

The children and youth will again have their own lessons in the Education Wing during our study time. We are blessed to have teachers.  Pray for God to send us young families. Pray that they come tomorrow 1 pm – 3 pm to make candy cottages and December 9 for Breakfast with Santa.  Ask any stressed out parent about needing a kid free shopping day. Our youth are offering childcare to earn money for their winter retreat. Help others take advantage of our resources for children! This is how we grow the church.

Prayers Today:  Once again we have a number of people managing cancer treatments. A little Christmas cheer may give them the boost they need to get through the day. Also let’s keep believing that God is acting.  Stories about breakthroughs in science and remission diagnosis are always hope filled for our weary prayers. 

December 1 is HIV/AIDS awareness day.  So today I pause to think of the many who suffered (and still suffer) from this indiscriminate disease. I ask for protection for medical staff who make sacrifices to minister to the sick. I uplift the caregivers who dedicate their lives to the patient and then suffer the grief of their loss.  We cannot ask “Why God?”  Our calling is not to question our ministry. Our calling is to do in Jesus name.

Ruminations:   Let's think about the servant who mucked out the stall where Jesus was born.  Did he know he was serving the king of kings?  Could he feel the awesome power of being so close to God?  Could our service to God be any different? Wherever we serve God in the church it shouldn't be considered a burden or beneath us. Like a stable hand cleaning up a mess for Jesus, be in awe of the opportunity to muck out the stable.  This is holy ground. 

Thank you for serving God's mission with us at First Church. 

Pastor Nancy Rethford