Worship Buzz 12/8/2017


December arrives with less snow than I would like. There's no telling about a white Christmas yet. Every time a fresh, white layer of snow falls on us, the purity of the incarnation and the magic of Christmas Eve are again revealed.  What are your thoughts this Christmas?

This week's best news is our newly carpeted worship space. This gift from our Congregational friends brings great joy to the room. Our last carpet was terribly stained and worn well beyond it's years. The new one isn't coffee proof, but we can lift out sections if a stain becomes uncleanable. Also the front entrance has a walk off carpet to catch dirt and salt.  With this lift, our praises will go higher and higher. Or if looking down in prayer, you wont be distracted by the dirt. 

In true form, we have opened our doors and first use of our carpet to our shelter guests. Saturday we open it up to the community for children and their families to have breakfast and meet Santa.

Sunday we worship on new ground, a beautiful foundation for praise.  We are blessed. Not all Christian congregations are so blessed. Our friend Georges Cadet preaches for a congregation in Haiti who worship from 6 am to 10 pm on a dirt floor.  At some point in the day he has to tell them to keep it down; the dust needs to settle.


Pastor Nancy Rethford