Worshsip Buzz - 7/14/2017


Dear Ones,

Grace and peace to you and your neighbors!  Walking the Railroad Days parade last Sunday reminds me of how important our neighbors are to our survival.  Many of the people I spoke to come to our church Several times a year for valued programs. They need us and we need them!

Why do you Bless animals, people and sometimes things? I've been asked. Well, first I do it because God gives us the power to bless in God's name. Second, because people like having to the power of blessing, especially God's blessing, on their side.

There's been a trend in the Christian church to bless significant parts of our lives, the animals, the land, and, yes, things we drive. One church blesses new drivers licenses. I would like to bless our bike riders this weekend as we begin our summer series: Faith Lessons in Vacation Places.

How can we bless our bicyclists given that riding to church is prohibited by traffic?  What about blessing our bike helmets? If you ride or own a bike, you probably have one. I've got extras to give away. We'll bless the helmets and thank God for protecting us this summer as we ride and walk our neighborhoods. 

Lastly, we kick off the summer series with an ice cream social at fellowship. There's always something fun going on when you're with your church friends. Come every week of this 8 week series as we travel to a park, a lake, an ocean, a pool and many more virtual vacations. 

Don't forget to bring us your rummage sale items. We made room for your donations in the choir room. The office is open Tuesday and Friday this week.  Or give us a call at 630-231-3344.

Peace and joy,

Pastor Nancy Rethford