Worship Buzz - 7/7/2017

Happy Heritage Week! 

With origins half way between today's Warrenville and West Chicago (Gary's Mill at 59), we are an historic church with an historic role in our community.  After a long Independence Day, we move into our Rail Road Days elebration of the local heritage. This is a fun way to celebrate our common heritage. Although we all have other heritage stories (my family likes to say that Lief Erikson founded America) we hold this history in common:  The Gary family had a vision of bringing the railroad to the western settlements.  We are the beneficiaries of that vision! Let's celebrate!

Every year we pull a float in the Sunday 1 pm parade. There's a crew who assembles it on Saturday morning. On Sunday after worship we bring the remaining float items (mini church tower and banner poles) to the float being housed at Woodwards on Claremont. We will be the 3rd parade entry south of the stop sign at Elmwood and Elite, in front of the Howard house.  You won't find Frieda Howard there. She's a Grand Marshall, along with Ron Benner. Both friends have had long histories of developing the arts in West Chicago. Let's celebrate!!

Our float will highlight our growing children's ministry with a Noah's Ark display from last week's VBS program.  All kids are welcome to sit cross-legged on the float. Parents and adults from church will walk handing out fliers to other adults in the crowd.  Please help us as you are able. Exuberant cheers from parade side is also participation. Let's celebrate!!!

TONIGHT is our 8 pm Movie Night at the back of the church. Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on. 

TOMORROW at 10 am is our blessing of the animals. Leashed or caged animals only please. We don't want to be chasing critters on a busy Saturday.

IN WORSHIP (Sun 10 am) we will be blessed by a visiting niece who will sing for us. You'll have to come to find out who and what she's singing.  Ron and I are open to any special music this summer. If you know someone who can perform a solo, vocal or instrumental, please speak to them about enhancing our worship with their music. 

Next week we'll start a new series:  Faith Lessons in Vacation Places.  We'll laugh and pray together about the vacations we take, but mostly we'll learn that we don't take a vacation from our faith. It goes with us.

Celebrate your Faith with us every week, every where we see yo, for God is GOOD all the time.

In Joy,

Pastor Nancy Rethford