Worship Buzz - 8/11/2017

As we head into the weekend, let’s take a few key travel images with us. 

  • A key – It’s needed for doors to our homes, our cars and also vacation places.  Keys unlock something valuable. What are you unlocking today?
  • A suitcase – If you like to bring home things from a trip, you need to leave room in your luggage. Under pack your expectations too. As we travel the road of life and there will always be room to learn something new.
  • A sturdy pair of shoes – Glamour often leads the prideful to sore feet at the end of the day. Put on clothing you can depend on. The highways and byways of life have unexpected hazards.  You’ll make it home because you planned ahead.

And now for the complete opposite. Flip – Flops are welcome in Church Sunday.  Our rummage sale workers don’t need to put their feet back into their sturdy work shoes or tight dressy shoes. It’s another casual Sunday. Come prepared for playful moments in worship. We’re talking about lessons from the pool and that means pool shoes are permitted.

Don’t miss this year’s RUMMAGE SALE.  It starts in a few minutes --- 5 pm to 7 pm tonight. Tomorrow morning the sale opens at 9 am. Bag sale is in the last hour. By noon we’re closing shop.   I know you’re thinking you don’t need more junk, but maybe someone you know does.  Remember this fundraiser is for our missions, highlighted throughout the year, and managed by the United Methodist and Congregational Women.  Your support makes a difference.

Wherever your summer has taken you, we invite you to share your stories at the church. You are always welcome to come early and/or stay late, make an appointment with me, or stop by the church.  We are hear to refresh your soul, like a dip in the pool on a hot day. -- 

Blessings  and Joy,

Pastor Nancy Rethford