Worship Buzz - 8/4/2017 - Sandy Beach

This weekend at Church we gather to worship & to pray.  God’s love comes down to us in Word and song, in the sacred Lord’s Supper, in the fellowship of believers. We pray for the sick that their faith doesn’t weaken in times of suffering, for the innocent that trouble won’t find them and for those who morn, God’s grace.  We gather to worship and to pray.

If you’re on vacation this week, please take our summer series to heart and enjoy the place where you are. There are lessons of faith everywhere.  This Sunday we are finding lessons from the oceans.  Hmm what could the oceans be saying to us?  “No, more plastic bags! Please!” was how a tour guide in Boca Raton put it.  Though Jesus doesn’t teach at the beach, he did have some rather gnarly waves in John 6:16-25. Read this for yourSunday devotions. If you ask the question in verse 25 with an open and honest heart, no matter where you are, God will answer you.  

Better yet, come to worship to get the whole spiritual experience of being with Jesus and his friends. We have Holy Communion this week.  The kids will get to play “in the sand”  (volunteer leaders needed). For music, we have Ron Benner back on the keyboard and he’s picked two familiar tunes to splash around the water themes. We’ll end with a rockin’ version of “O For a Thousand Tongues” (music leaders meet Ron at 9 am). I’m looking forward to sharing worship with you.

As a people, we need to work a little harder on our hospitality.  Please consider taking a role at greeting or setting up the coffee.  Our regular host was at Camp last week and we missed having the drinks.  We also need more greeters on 5th Sundays and more children ministry volunteers. 

Let me leave you with a funny fictional story, although I think it has happened to me. One Sunday morning, as our young pastor was preaching, a two-month-old baby started to fret, and her mother wisely decided to take the infant out of the church before whimpers became wails. Their escape to the nearest exit took them past the pulpit. Interrupting his sermon, the pastor looked down at his wife and daughter and said, "Ah, yes, your family are always your severest critics."

Let us take ourselves lightly, or at least try not to be so serious while on vacation. 

Peace and Blessings

Pastor Nancy Rethford