Saints Alive, Living Among Us!

The electronic sign on the street boldly proclaims that we have Living Saints in our congregation. Let me explain. We say this because we have seen the sacrifice of upstanding men and women in our congregation in the service of others. Some have given up sleep to provide a safe place for homeless community members. Some have shouldered the responsibility of visitation to shut-ins and the sick. Some have dived in with dirty shoes and dirty kitchens and dirty closets to move a clean world into being. This month we honor these and many more ministries and friends with acknowledgments and pledges. Further, on All Saints Sunday we remember the Saints Above by lighting a candle in their memory. Recently passed family and friends are honored for the goodness of their life and faith in Jesus Christ. They become for us the Saints Above witnessing our work on earth. The candle we light inspires us to live righteous and sacrificial lives. Inspired by those who came before us and by those living among us, we are not just making disciples, we are making saints for God’s glorious kingdom. Join the heavenly throng each Sunday as we sing our praises in God’s holy, saint-a-fied church.