"Every day is earth day," He said. It seems we have narrowed our connections to the earth to one day out of the year. Prior to 1970 we didn't even have a day to say "I speak for the earth."  Now at least we have a day. Maybe we need more. That's why I like hosting a Native American Sunday. Tomorrow we'll hear the thoughts of Ho Chunk native and friend Gerald Savage. He's love for Mother Earth is notable in his reclaiming of his tribal land and his passion for an every day earth day. Come. All are welcome.

Our prayers are being answered because we pray. Don't give up your prayer connection with us. Bring the prayers to worship. Write them on a connect card. Email them to Lana Runyan. Tie a thread on a prayer quilt. Call me (Pastor Nancy) if you want to meet me in the chapel for Prayer.  Thursday mornings usually work. But text or call in advance at 630-360-0471.