Mom Stories


I heard this one about a mother duck. Kind people were installing a cell tower in field where a mother duck had chosen to make a nest. The workers tried to be careful, but they were sure the duck would be scared off with their heavy equipment. They carefully stepped around her, but really couldn't avoid making noise and confusion. The mother duck didn't move off the nest. She stayed to protect her younglings no matter what the humans were doing. Isn't that just like motherhood? It's all about protecting the kids. 

A competent wife, how does one find her? Her value is far above pearls. She is vigilant over the activities of her household; she doesn’t eat the food of laziness. Her children bless her; her husband praises her.
— Proverbs 31:10, 27-28 CEB

My Mom Story 

          From Pastor Nancy Rethford
Recently I found a recording of an interview with my mother that we did in 2004. The subject was the church, how they started a new church in Homewood and how her faith took her through difficult times in the church and at Annual Conference. She believed that the church can be strong again if we reach out to others and be welcoming of those who come in our building. PADS, Meals on Wheels and an empty-nesters Sunday brunch were the tools she thought we needed to grow the church again. I praise her still for letting me record her thoughts about the church. Now I watch it with longing to be able to touch her again. And yet, she's still with me every time I walk into one of our churches. I'm so glad we had that time together! 



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