Start Seeing Flowers

All creation sings with the blessing of resurrection!

Are you enjoying the warm days? We've waited so long for them. Experience tells us that warmer days come in waves. We could get frost until May 15 or snow on Sunday!  Enjoy what we have right now. And watch for the flowers; they're popping up all over. 

Read Much?

There's room for two more at our Monday Bible Study, "Trusting the Covenant." Pick up your book at the Welcome Center. Scriptures will be sent via email each day. We meet at 7 pm at church. 

The Saturday group will start on April 21 at 10 am in the Chapel. Find your own copy of "Lies We Believe About God" by Wm. Paul Young. We will also make a date to see the movie The Shack. 

Reading with others magnifies the soul. Join a group; Learn to love the fellowship. 

No one says "I wish I didn't come."  Many say, "I wish I could go."  The blessed say, "This helped me."

Christ is alive, and comes to bring good news to this and every age, till earth and all creation ring with joy, with justice, love, and praise.
— Brian Wren