Glory Rise

This summer you will see a beautiful sunrise and want to capture it.  Get your cell phone out (if you have one) an snap that memory to your photo bank.  If you have a place to jot down a few thoughts about it, what you're thinking or feeling in the moment, make that happen.  The photo itself is not enough to help you recall what you are experiencing.  I have lots of nature photos in my boxes of pictures. I cannot remember why I took any of them. Words on the backs of the pictures have helped identify when and where. When we have a moment with God in our life we may not need a picture or words to jog our memory. God moments stand out. Like the time I was driving the curves between two churches and I looked up the clouds and I heard God speaking.  I don't need to go back to that God place. The photograph in my mind is enough for me to talk about that day Glory rose up in my heart for no real reason.  Do you have a moment of Glory rise you'd like to share?