School DaZe

Tired…bored…and stressed. High school students from across the country have weighed in on their emotional state in school — and overwhelmingly, they’re unhappy. Web MD surveyed a diverse sample of 22,000 students in 2015 asking them "How are you feeling?" Seventy-five percent of them responded with negative feelings.  Why? Is it all about the loss of freedom? Or can it be that we have failed to teach them the skills they need to succeed in school.  The basics are: 

1.  Attend school daily. 2. Be prepared. 3. Get enough rest. 4. Eat a healthy breakfast. 5. Take classes that interest you, and make all others work for you.  6. Participate in class.

If this is good for a student's education, could it be good for our religious education?  First ask yourself, do you have negative feelings about church?  If so, apply the basics:

1.  Go to church regularly. 2. Be prepared by praying before you go. 3. Get enough rest on Saturday. 4. Eat a healthy breakfast. 5. Serve in areas that interest you. 6. Participate. 

We cannot expect our children to be excited about school if we're not excited about following Jesus. As the kids get back to school, let us get back to church!