I Love to Tell the Story

Do you know how to take your life experience and transform it to a God story? Follow these simple steps and enjoy knowing that you are following God’s Word.

 What is the story you find yourself telling? 

As the parent of teenagers, what runs through my mind and mouth are the unusual situations my children have drawn me into. Like the time I had to find my daughter’s sunglasses so that she could lead the band in a parade. Did she think she would get lost and take the band with her? I didn’t ask, but ran to her locker, to her car and to catch up with the already moving procession.  Exhausted I said, I’m a band parent. It’s okay to be crazy.

What do we learn from the stories we like to tell?

I realize these high school years will pass quickly. Soon the nest will be empty except for holidays and occasional weekends. I have decided to cherish this time, instead of complaining, no matter how much it makes me run or cover for them.

What do these life stories say about our life with God?

Bible references: There is a season for everything. Train up a child in the way they should go. If you, as a parent, know how to give good gifts to your kids, how much more does God know what to give you? Jesus was faithful all the way to the cross.

In every situation or story we tell, there is a faith lesson. Let’s not miss it. Tell the story, but also connect it back to something God has said in Scripture.  In doing so, we will stay on course with God. 

Watch out for complaints and fears. They are not reflections of God’s guiding Word.  But do the work of the one who sent you into the world to love as God has loved you.

Now, Go. Tell the story of God’s unseen love and your experience of sharing that love.