It's NOT FAIR!!!

Have you found yourself screaming this statement lately? I assure you, everyone comes to this conclusion at some point.  We try to be nice about it. We try to swallow pride and selfish desires, but then injustice overwhelms us. And we cry out, "It's not fair!"  I was a child when the anti-war protests were happening on college campuses. The war did end.  In graduate school we stepped out against Apartheid in South Africa. The rights of blacks been upheld in that country. Today the injustice we feel are for workers.

On September 8 we have an opportunity to stand up for what is not fair labor practices. Across the US people will march with "A Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice." Locally our march is in Elwood Illinois, home to one of the largest transportation hubs in the US.  Tons of freight and diesel trucks flow through the area - causing harmful pollution from diesel particulates and carbon and results in fatalities by trucks.  These warehouse owned by Walmart, Amazon, Cargill, Stephan (and many others) offer temporary employment (no benefits, no sick days, no vacation, not a set schedule) even though they promised permanent jobs.  Also, the cities have been funding these billionaire companies with tax payer money - so now many of the surrounding communities are in debt and are underfunding their schools.  

If you feel the injustice for laborers, for the environment or for students in poverty, please consider protesting. There will be busses from the Joliet Metro station taking the majority of the protesters to this small town. I intend to travel by car praying for a parking spot at O'Conner Park or within walking distance. This event is sponsored by and