The In-Between (a.k.a Ordinary Time)

Are the birds confused about the weather? I sure am. One week we have polar temperatures and the next week it’s over 40. The kids forget their coats at school and then they don’t have them when it turns the other direction.

In liturgical language the weeks after Epiphany are Ordinary Time. Since this Epiphany season is longer than most years we find that we are not only living in between Epiphany (January 6) and Lent (March 6) we are in between winter and spring. I’m reminded of the John Denver instrumental piece with the long title “Late Winter Early Spring When Everyone Goes to Mexico.”

I’m with ya, John. Let’s all fly to warmer climates. But wait! Some of them are getting snow too! My sister lives in Portland Oregon. The city never gets more than a couple of inches, but when they get dumped on with 3 - 5 inches everything is cancelled. I laughed out loud at this, but she was frustrated. She remembers that we walked to the bus stop in the blizzard of 1967 because they didn’t cancel school until the busses got stuck picking up elementary kids. The question remains: Why can’t Portland plow three inches? Answer: all their plows are in the mountains.

Maybe the birds have better coping skills than people. I hear so much complaining about temperature changes and it’s not even March. The warmer days convinced my dog to take her morning chew stick outside. Even thought it returned to cold, every day she begs to eat outside. At least she’s hopeful. This robin pictured here has stayed through the ice storm and now tries to find its worms in impossible conditions. He’s persistent, too!

If a robin can sit on the ice crusted branches outside my office and sing for his mate, if my Jack Russell can beg for an alfresco chew experience, if I think we can hang in between seasons for another month. It’s ordinary time, folks. There’s nothing unusual to complain about. But laugh, oh yeah, Portland, you make me chuckle.